Tips on Scrap booking the Holidays

Now that you have a digital camera card or CD chock-full of holiday memories, why not do something different with your photo files? One of the most creative and useful things you can create with your holiday photos is a digital holiday scrapbook. With the wide range of scrapbook layouts and collage frames available today, you can try out infinite types of holiday designs and formats before committing to one style.

In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever for anyone to create a digital scrapbook. Whether you’re looking for scrapbook layouts to help you highlight Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa or Halloween, you can find decorative backgrounds, embellishments and collage frames that will enable you to easily create a professional-looking scrapbook.

Many people are still fond of the traditional paper-and-glue scrapbook when it comes to holiday scrapping. If you’d like to retain some homemade pages along with digital scrapbook layouts, you can always create some pages on your computer and print them out to add to your traditional homemade scrapbook. An advantage of using digital scrapbook layouts is that you can redo them many times over until you find the perfect way to preserve your unique holiday memories.

See the tips below to help you chronicle and preserve those festive moments for you and your family to view over and over again. Many people create a separate digital scrapbook or digital photo collage for each holiday. Take lots of photos and remember that journaling about the holiday will help increase the vitality, organization and interest in your digital scrapbook.

  • Thanksgiving. If your family gathers together on Thanksgiving Day, it can be a prime opportunity for a family photo. Gather your relatives together in one place-outside if weather permits, or around the dinner table, for a picture. Photographs of the food and people preparing it also make a nice touch.
  • Valentine’s Day. Many collage frames cater to love and Valentine’s Day. Consider a collage frame shaped as a heart and simply drag and drop a photo of the couple into it. You can find a large assortment of scrapbook layouts with cupids, hearts, candies, love poems and flowers to complement your Valentine’s Day mementos such as scanned cards, restaurant keepsakes or movie ticket stubs.
  • Christmas. You’ll find an endless assortment of scrapbook layouts and collage frames that celebrate Christmas. Think about what type of theme you’d like: A Santa Claus might be appropriate for a scrapbook that highlights the children’s experience, while holly, Christmas trees and stockings over a fire are universal to both kids and adults.
  • Hanukkah. You might consider using separate scrapbook pages and collage frames to highlight each day of Hannukah. Photograph symbolic customs associated with Hanukkah, such as menorah candles, gelt and family members playing dreidel.
  • Fourth of July. Independence Day is often a time for family picnics and parties. You might choose collage frames with a patriotic theme or fireworks. Just avoid using a collage frame depicting fireworks to frame fireworks-that might be overkill!
  • Halloween. Scrapbook layouts featuring bats, skeletons and pumpkins will help accentuate your Halloween photos. Photograph your decorated house, costumed family members, and your kids’ loot post-trick-or-treat.
  • Birthdays. This scrapbook may feature items such as photos of a birthday party, birthday cake and the opening of gifts. Use numbers as an embellishment to mark which birthday was being celebrated. You can also save and scan cards received and add them to a photo collage.